End user license agreement

The digital files downloaded to your computer contain font software that is the intellectual property of and is owned by ingoFonts. This non-exclusive license grants you certain rights to use the software and is not an agreement for sale of the software or any portion of it. Except for your right to use the software granted by this license, all other rights, title of the font software, related trademarks and trade names are owned and retained by ingoFonts.

You can install and use the software on up to five (5) computers at a single location. These computers can be connected to, and the font software used with, any number of output devices, such as a laser printer, ink jet printer, an imagesetter or a film recorder, but the font software may be downloaded to the memory (hard disk or RAM) of only one (1) output device for the purpose of having such font software remain resident in the output device. If you need to download the font software to more than one output device or install it on more than five computers, you are required to purchase additional licenses.

You may convert and install the font software into another format for use in other environments, subject to the following conditions: A computer on which the converted software is used or installed shall be considered as one of your permitted number of computers. Use of the software you have converted shall be pursuant to all the terms and conditions of this Agreement. Such converted software may be used for your own customary internal business or personal use exclusively and may not be distributed or transferred for any purpose. You may not modify or remove the name(s) of the software, author’s signature, copyright and trademark notices from the original files.

You may take a copy of the font(s) you have used for a particular file to a commercial printer or other service bureau, only if such service bureau already has a valid license from ingoFonts to use that particular software.

You are not authorized to sublicense, sell, lend or lease the font software, but you may permanently transfer your rights under this Agreement to a third party; provided that (1) you transfer your copy of this Agreement, the software, and all original documentation to the third party, (2) you destroy all of your copies of the software, and (3) the receiving party accepts the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

Consumers are entitled to revoke their order (ยงยง 13, 312, 355 of the German Civil Code [BGB]). You may withdraw from your contractual commitment within a period of two weeks without any further explanation.

The Software which you receive from ingoFonts is non-material, irrevocable and digitalized. There will be no reimbursement after the data have been sent to the customer. You are in agreement with these terms when you purchase a Font or a file.

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