Absolut – a brilliant font family

7 weights, 6 styles…

…and it's still growing…


The „normal“ upright and italic versions

The “basic equipment” of a typeface family includes primarily the versions “Regular,” i.e. “Book,” and the corresponding italics, plus the nearest “Light” and “Bold” versions with their italics. ABSOLUT also adds “Thin” and “Medium.”


The black versions

Bold versions with particular appeal are “Black” and especially “Fat.” “Black” remains legible even in longer texts, whereas “Fat” almost builds black rows and produces a downright monumental effect.


The condensed version

It saves space, yet lacks legibility somewhat in large quantities: the “Condensed.”


The extra condensed version

Similar to the very bold version, the extra-condensed version “Ultra Condensed” also lacks legibility, but likewise radiates a certain elegance and refinement.

The written version

Sometimes, it may be more suitable to use a font with a less clean effect instead of a “normal” type; but then again, pure handwriting might not do the job either.
ABSOLUT “Sketch” is designed for these cases. It has the exact same kerning as its “mother,” the same forms and proportions, so that at first glance “Sketch” nearly looks identical. Only, it’s handwritten with a pen, and so it presents a kind of sloppy, shaky line. But its curved ends and the soft line give it a more human impression.

The Unicase

Alphabets without differentiation between upper and lower case characters were normal at the very outset of all writing. Why not write with just one alphabet again today? “Unicase” combines the style characteristics of capital and lower case letters to produce new characters. And with that, you have a calm typeface with its very own charm.